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Make the switch! Synthetic Pads vs Organic Pads

February 03, 2022

Make the switch! Synthetic Pads vs Organic Pads

If you have not made the switch… then switch now!
There are several reason why to choose organic pads for your periods. They are more natural and more environmentally friendly than regular pads.
Yes, understanding that feminine products are tested and regulated by the FDA. However, the non-organic products used in regular pads really do affect the body.
Organic or all natural pads, on the other hand, use organic cotton that is untreated and has been grown either with no pesticides or with organic pesticides. Instead of PLASTIC, they use absorbent CELLULOSE CORES which are natural and way less likely to irritate your vagina or skin!
The cellulose cores locks away fluid while the organic cotton lets your skin breathe. Many people who experience periods find this to be a lot more comfortable than plastic material pads.
They cause undesirable side effects and are detrimental to your health. The fibers in regular cotton pads are chlorine bleached. The bleaching process creates dioxin, a highly toxic pollutant. Dioxin accumulates in the fat stores of the body over time, and can stay there up for 20 years. Exposure to dioxin can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, hormone dysfunction, endometriosis and various forms of cancer.
Helps decrease cramp pains and your period blood flow.

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